If you need clear communication, impeccable style, punctuation and spelling, and a quick turn-round time, I’m your gal.

Since my first position as editor-in-chief of my university’s newspaper, followed by the student magazine, I have continuously held editorial positions in publications ranging from high quality, glossy national magazines to a variety of newspapers.

My experience encompasses the entire process, from editorial direction and management to copy editing and proofreading books, magazines, newspapers, web publications and brochures…the entire gamut of the written word.

These are a few of my favorites:

collages1 collages11
publications3 publications2

These are the most recent or representative samples of some of the publications that have come under my editorial scrutiny. I was editor-in-chief of most of them; they encompass more than 20 years of professional work. It’s how I made my living.

I have not included newspapers; there are just too many and they don’t photograph well.