Interior Architectural Photography

There’s a lot more control when you photograph interiors, but even so, getting the lighting right and communicating the “feel” of a room takes time and patience. Having the right equipment and knowing how to use it whether you’re shooting 8′ or 20′ ceilings, rooms with or without windows, getting rid of clutter and knowing what looks good and what doesn’t in the final image are keys to success.

These examples were commissioned for and published in various publications. There are no captions; I think they speak for themselves.

Eisenbeisliving eisenbeiskitchen1 eisenbeisbedroom unit-402-5x7
call-living-room-vertical cest-si-bon_2 saunders-interior_5 sobrinoentry
indbergh-living call-dining 403-kitchenfaucet saunders-interior_7
eisenbeisentry joneslibrary jones-photos-finished-0401 wilfong-interior-076m
cest-si-bon_5 call-kitchen-with-nook-area cest-si-bon_3 hecker-architecture