Looking for a professional freelance writer with enough experience to know what questions to ask? One who understands that a journalist’s career depends solely on credibility based on truth and integrity? In more than 25 years as a writer and editor, I have a well established reputation for accuracy and diplomacy.

From interviews with celebrities, editorials, features and magazine and newspaper reporting to commercial copy writing, marketing brochures and resumes, I have written more words than I could count.

A few examples of publications that have featured my work are depicted below:



Features include topics from A (anatomy) to Z (zinc, as in nutrition; OK so it’s a stretch).


reagan_interview1Interviews with celebrities who may sound familiar to you include President Ronald Reagan in the Oval Office of the White House (below); William Shatner; Mark Pearson of the Brothers Four; Red Skelton; Doc Severinsen; Joe DiMaggio; Conway Twitty; unlimited hydroplane champion driver Chip Hanauer; Nick Reynolds of the Kingston Trio; Svetlana Preroistroika, manager of GUM Department Stores, in Moscow; and countless politicians.

I have also gleaned wonderful information from doctors, lawyers, bankers, chefs, artists and others so I could write portraits of them in feature articles.