Garden and Still Life Photography

Gardens are beautiful, but so labor intensive. Which is why I much prefer to photograph them than work in them. So call me lazy. But I can display my images all year around!

And so can you who have nurseries that may need images for catalogs or websites.

Nurseries I have worked with include Far Reaches, whose owners travel the world to gather and save seeds from near-extinct plants. Some of those are shown below:

barnhouse_21 dsc_1186 dsc_1195 dsc_1326
dsc_1350 bauman-and-gilliland-birdhouse-blue dsc_1253 mixture-242
bauman-and-gilliland-porch2-1 wassell-gardens dsc_1259 far-reaches-layerd
whitney-garden-7 dsc_1344 wassell-gardens_1 williamsburg-and-jamestown-066
barnhouse wilfong-exterior-080 dsc_1206 barnhouse_31
dsc_0012 wassell-gardens_4 harpers-ferry-0481 bauman-and-gilliland-bird-21